Google has rolled out a new feature for its Photos service. It provides the ability to backup the contents of the ‘locked folder’ to the cloud.

This functionality gives you the advantage of accessing the pictures and videos stored in this folder from any computer.

Released in 2021, ‘Locked folder’ introduced as a security solution that allows netizens to protect photos and images Use of high-value or sensitive content using passwords, including images of personal documents or more private content.

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While previously the contents of this folder were only securely located on the user’s device, the new update expands its security to cloud backup and makes it possible to access this folder from any device, including iOS devices, and over the web.

Google has ensured that cloud backup complies with strict security standards. Saved images and videos will not be displayed or detected in searches in other parts of the Photos app, as detailed on its official blog.

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To access content in the cloud, users need to log into Google Photos, navigate to the ‘locked folder’ and use the same password used on the mobile device.

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Source: Exame

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