Cruelty Katherine Ortiz Rey She is a Colombian actress born on January 30, 1988 in Bogota. He is 35 years old. Creole is recognized in show business and social networks as: King of Persecutionwho in the last months He conquered the hearts of Colombians With her participation in the cooking reality show MasterChef Celebrities.

entertainment program Fascinated millions of Colombians It is one of the most watched content on Colombian nights and also the only content airing at 8 PM Monday to Sunday.

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As the program progresses and The rivalry between the chefs is getting stronger, each one’s demeanor and personality causing viewers to fall in love or ‘shotgun’ across different social networks; However, this is not the case for Zulma Rey, who conquered the Colombians with her noble and compassionate demeanor.

Little is known about the personal lives of the celebrities, but it is known that the actress from Bogota was in an emotional affair with the actress. Andres Fierroknown for giving life ‘Esteban’ in the remembered telenovela ‘Padres e hijos’.

It is known that they have been dating through different social networks for several years. show your love often. Likewise, their relationship has been the protagonist. many scandals of great importance on virtual platforms.

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A while ago the current MasterChef contributor admitted: was the victim of various acts of violence in their relationship, These statements were published on different platforms and media.

Likewise, the player’s neighbors shared the player’s videos. Andrés Fierro kicks the door of the apartment where he lives with his partner. In another of the records, it is seen as follows: Fierro throws Zulma Rey’s clothes out the window of the house‘throwing it out’ with strong words.

After all these disturbing and controversial performances, the couple managed to stabilize and they assure that they are very happy right now.

“I believe the reason we resisted for so long is more than just a toxic relationship.There is love, there is understanding, there is tolerance, that maturity will continue to give us stability. Zulma Rey said.

In addition, the actress said that she is very satisfied with the business projects she has now and the relationship she has with her partner, that she feels safe and finally “I found that person who loves me with my flaws and shows me love and attention.”


Source: Exame

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