If you are a Movistar network user and have internet, telephone or television service, You may be familiar with this company’s customer-only email option.

Among the variety of their services is the option to use an email account that can be used with a domain name. [email protected]’ or ending Telefonica.net.

This address can be used regardless of the alias because you can send and receive emails to any recipient, whether from public email accounts such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or corporate.

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According to its official page, this service is given to people who have a subscription. Active on postpaid phones or fiber optic connection in your home.

If you need an email account for certain tasks that you don’t want to clutter with other information in your official messaging manager accounts, this can be a great option.

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To access this account you need to follow the steps below according to the official Movistar website:

This alternative also works on Android and iPhone mobiles by entering the address described above.

Note that if you have any questions about this option or any other service the phone company offers, you can contact him in their customer service department.


Source: Exame

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