In response to European Union (EU) data protection regulations, Meta is developing plans to offer payment options on Facebook and Instagram that allow EU users to have an ad-free experience.

In this way, Mark Zuckerberg aims to comply with the policies established by the EU and comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into force on 25 August and prohibits certain data collection and data collection methods. serving advertisements based on the personal information of minors.

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The need to comply with EU regulations is also reflected in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and most recently in the EU Court of Justice’s decision: Limits Facebook’s access to user web search data.

Sources close to Meta, quoted by ‘The New York Times’, announced that this subscription option for payment plans is being considered to allow EU users to use these platforms without ads.

This measure reflects how EU policies are experiences in data protection influence Number of users compared to other regions such as the USA.

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However, those who wish can choose the option they want to use. the company will offer free versions of Facebook and Instagram with ads in the EU, as it has been the norm so far.

This is not the only case where European regulations have affected Meta. Another example was: Threads app blocked in EU due to data protection policies.

*This content was prepared with the help of artificial intelligence based on information published by Europa Press and reviewed by a journalist and editor.


Source: Exame

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