Technology company Meta has announced a significant change to its platform. It will stop offering the ‘News’ section on Facebook in the UK, France and Germany.

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Despite this change, posts with links to news and articles will still appear in users’ ‘feeds’.

The ‘News’ section in the ‘Saved’ section enjoys a relatively low popularity on the social network. Actually, accounts for less than 3 percent of the total views that users worldwide experience on their account.
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The company made this decision based on the following understanding: “News discovery is a small part of the Facebook experience for most people”. As such, it has chosen to realign its investments to focus on the products and services that users value most, as expressed on its official blog.

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Suggested changes are In these countries, ‘News’ will be removed at the beginning of December.

They state from Meta: “We know that people come to Facebook for news and political content. They come to connect with people and explore new opportunities, passions and interests.”

Despite the removal of the ‘News’ section, users will still be able to find posts linking to articles and news in their experience on the platform as before.

The media will also retain the ability to access their profiles and pages to share their content. They will also have the option to use features like ‘reels’ and the advertising system to reach wider audiences and drive traffic to their website.

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Source: Exame

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