A few years ago, in the ‘Appleinsider’ research note, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo commented that one of the iPhone 5’s new apps will be deprecated: This feature still exists on new mobile phones.


It turned out that Kuo has separated the components of the device and found that the average selling price has increased compared to the iPhone 4 due to the charging connection in the device, called ‘Lightning USB-A’.appleinsider‘ on September 21, 2012.

According to the environment at that time, the cost of the new connector is $3.50, The previous charger cost $0.40; also, the Apple Lightning USB-A cable reflected a $6.00 increase compared to the previous charger’s $1.80.

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Following this, the analyst and technologist concluded that due to the high costs created by the new charger: It was estimated to last only ten years on the market.

Apple announced in 2022 that it will replace the Apple Lightning USB-A cable from the iPhone 15. usb type c. Although the decision was not primarily due to what Ming-Chi Kuo believed in, but rather because of the high cost, it was more due to the European Union’s announcement that: all mobile phones must use this port they can sell in their own region.

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This new standard will enter into force in 2024. According to the ‘Xataka’ tech page, devices are likely to use MFi to prevent them from using non-Apple cables, which means both charging and data transfer will be slower.

MFi or ‘Made for iPhone’, It works to identify non-brand parts that can be sold as genuine to users, which prevents device customers from using something without a warranty.

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