When using WhatsApp, you not only communicate and interact with your closest circle; but it is true that this tool is very helpful in maintaining communication and intimacy between friends. It should be known that this information does not only reach people.

Identity theft is just one of the many problems that can occur while using the app, but How to avoid this and what other problems might arise if the ‘app’ is not configured correctly?

WhatsApp is an American application with over two billion active users. The platform’s development team has worked through multiple functionalities to avoid virtual impersonation as much as possible.

Yet somehow Cybercriminals have managed to circumvent these functions to carry out their cyberattacks.

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Crimes commonly committed by impersonation are fraud and blackmail. Through identity theft, it is easy for criminals to impersonate someone and gain access to sensitive information such as bank accounts or passwords through conversations.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know the application and configure it correctly. It is recommended to configure the privacy of the profile photo to control who can access this information.

According to the proprietary technology portal ‘Computer Hoy’, it is possible to determine which people can see it in four short steps: Both statuses and profile photo to reduce the risk of impersonation.

To create the privacy settings, you must perform the following steps step by step according to the WhatsApp security section.

Finally, the final window will appear where four different options will be displayed. The suggestion is to choose ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Except My Contacts…’.To select one or more exceptions from the list of contacts you do not want to share information with.



Source: Exame

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