It is often assumed that in the entertainment industry, most people know each other or have links to each other’s work. Although this is not always the case. Especially when it comes to specialists from different fields. Here’s what happened between the creators of the series The last of usinspired by the famous video game.

They are Neil Druckman D Craig Mazin. Before delving into the anecdote between them, it is necessary to describe their profiles. Druckmann became famous for his work as a developer The last of us. However, it is much more. You can also find writer, screenwriter, and creative director references on his resume.

For his part, Mazin is a person created in the television universe as a writer and director. His name and work achieved considerable resonance in Chernobyl, a story of which he was the creator and co-producer. The miniseries was a success from every standpoint, with rave reviews and a mountain of prize money, earning 10 out of 19 Emmy Award nominations.

Both names spearhead everything related to TV adaptation The last of us. Curiously, in their professional relationship, this synergy of talents may not have been due to Neil Druckmann. Creative initially turned down Craig Mazin’s involvement.

The last of us
and an anecdote that jeopardized the project

The story goes like this: Neil Druckmann and his team were looking into different names in the TV industry they could contact. This usually happens within projects, precisely because of what was described above: it is about adding specialists trained in other areas. One of the profiles viewed was Craig Mazin.

During an interview with New Yorker– Neil Druckmann explained regarding the creator Chernobyl that, simply: “I’m letting it go.” Why? He did this because “I didn’t know who he was.”

Neil Druckmann approached Craig Mazin’s work, discovering Chernobyl and discover more than just one of the most important mini-series of the twenty-first century. The above-mentioned saw in the tone and style of Mazin a way of narration corresponding to the idea proposed in The last of us. So, this unknown name, which was initially abandoned, became one of the key points.

Why does the decision make sense?

A nuclear accident with multiple geopolitical implications may not seem like much of a video game. The detail is that in the case The last of us, is a story that takes place in a world infected with a virus. This is a post-apocalyptic scenario, similar to the one that could arise after a chemical tragedy.

Pedro Pascal as Joel | Fan art by Julie “Shuploc” Damgaard

But the relationship between two personalities, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, is justified not only from this point of view. The last of us, as a video game, is a dark story in which silence, mystery and threats play an important role, which are not always visible. In this sense, the tone and aesthetic shown in Chernobyl it responds positively.

One of the strengths of the miniseries it is the tension and uncertainty that arises in many sections. Adaptation The last of us It may be based on this, because it makes sense in relation to a video game – to think about the idea of ​​fidelity to it – and because the first images suggest that these factors will be constant.

AT Chernobyl, the connections between multiple characters are key to the story. Though The last of us perhaps there are not many opportunities in this regard, the success of the series will depend on how well they work on stage Peter Pascalas Joel, and Bella Ramseywho plays Ellie. He must take care of her until she is in a safe place, where the girl is the main hope for a better future.

The last of us It premieres January 15 on HBO Max.

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