Next to your mobile phoneHearing aids have become a widely used accessory due to the complementarity they offer with the telephone in daily life.tablet or computer while working or entertaining.

According to Statista research conducted in 2022, eight out of 10 people use headphones to listen to music, half to watch movies or TV series, 36 percent to listen to the radio, and 25 percent to make calls and business meetings.


Now, Sound quality is one of the things people look for most in hearing aids. This is followed by ease of use (for example, they are not heavy) and there is also the price factor.

Competing brands in this world of headphones are Apple, the leader of the segment; To list the main ones, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, Panasonic, Klip, Sennheiser, Bose.

The first issue to define is the type of hearing aids due to their design, which is directly related to the use and functions of each device.

ear, Headbands, also called supraaural, are bands that rest on the earlobe but leave openings and therefore allow the passage of external sounds. For this reason, they are described as ideal for use in open, not too noisy environments.

over ear, Also known as a closed headband, it completely covers the ear and is used for more professional work in recording studios or music production. They are also slightly heavier.

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Income in-ear or intraural, this can be button (like Galaxy Buds) or insertion (like Apple Airpods). They are characterized by occupying the ear canal. The external insulation capacity of the buttoned ones is less than the others. They are also ideal for sports, calling and enjoying entertainment content.

Finally, when it comes to prices; The most basic in-ear cables start at $30,000 and go up to two million pesos for on-ear models. A very wide range depending on the brand, sound technologies, materials and design of the headset, which you can describe in the attached boxes.

If you are going to do sports, check whether they are moisture and dust resistant. Some even let you swim in them (more expensive). Ideally, they can withstand sweat and light rain and have a back (neck) headband to adapt and accompany you while you run, jog, go to the gym or bike.

If they are wireless, Check if they are above Bluetooth 5.0 as they offer better quality, transmission stability and energy management. If they are TWS (true wireless stereo) even better; Depending on each brand, algorithms and software improvements are included that optimize the frequency ranges and decibels they produce. Others have surround sound functions (Samsung, Bose, Apple, Sennheiser). Try these before you buy.


Technology has advanced so much that there is no difference in sound quality anymore. Branded Bluetooth headphones offer excellent sound quality. The only difference is in the battery and the need to keep your headphones charged. Therefore, if it is with a headband, choose the dual option (wireless or wired); And if it is Bluetooth, choose the ones that will give you the most autonomy (time of use of the hearing aids and number of times the box is charged).

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