A girl content creator in Huila passed away. Little Yerley Lozada known as ‘Susa’, starred in videos on social networks with his family. They had thousands of followers who enjoyed these events.

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The ‘Yomar Tecla y Susa’ profile has more than 120 thousand followers on Facebook, while it has around 27 thousand followers on the TikTok platform. “With love and effort, he brings smiles to each of you,” the description reads.

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10-year-old girl died in a traffic accident in Huila while traveling by motorcycle with his sister along the Pitalito – San Agustín road.

According to the first versions of the authorities, a public service bus could have a mechanical failure and crash into a motorcycle. ‘Susa’ died at the scene.

His sister was taken to a health center where she was kept under medical supervision due to serious injuries.

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Meanwhile, authorities launched an investigation to determine whether the bus was left without brakes and whether relevant mechanical checks were carried out.

The girl was characterized by her spontaneity in front of the cameras. She starred in videos, showing a strong appearance as the youngest in the family. She also dedicated clips to create instructional videos and capture life in the countryside.

His brother Yomar, with whom he shot dozens of short films, was upset when he shared the news with internet users on social networks.: “Unfortunately God decided to take him away. This is very difficult for the whole family.”

The funeral took place in Pitalito on the morning of September 15. Their relatives invited them to accompany them with a farewell allowance and a large caravan until they were buried in the municipal cemetery.

Yomar said, “I ask you to pray for my sister in the hospital. She is out of danger, but she is a little unconscious.”

Like ‘Susa’, two children lost their lives in another serious accident in Huila. Two brothers, aged 9 and 14, who were riding bicycles in the municipality of La Plata, were hit by a cargo truck with a mechanical fault in the brake system.

In medical opinion, there was multiple trauma to the ribcage, head and pelvis, coupled with cardiorespiratory arrest.

The police called on drivers to keep the technical and mechanical inspections of their vehicles up to date in order to prevent accidents.

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Source: Exame

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