Former Minister of Finance José Manuel Restrepo, who currently serves as rector of the EIA University, the former Engineering School of Antioquia, sadly reported this Sunday afternoon that his niece, Ana María Serrano Céspedes, was killed in Mexico.Where he studied medicine.

According to Restrepo, the 18-year-old girl was the victim of femicide.

NEVER NEVER !! I thought I could be this close to an act as vile and brutal as FEMALE MURDER. Today, with the pain in my soul and heart, I cannot accept remaining silent while such acts continue with impunity all over the world. On his old Twitter account ‘X’, Restrepo noted that this incident happened to my niece Ana María Serrano Céspedes in Mexico and all we want is #JusticiaParaAnaMaria #NiUnaMas” (capital letters).

“Ana María deserved to live many years, to become a cardiologist, to eventually have a family and to spread her intelligence, creativity, vitality, joy and love to society. We will always remember you with love and affection, Nana”Restrepo added with a heartbreaking message.

Video: ‘We can’t go home’: Mother of Colombian killed in Mexico speaks out

Since then, messages of support have been coming to Restrepo and all his relatives. The general cry is for justice.

The young woman’s mother, famous lawyer María Ximena Céspedes, reported the tragedy through a video on her social networks.

“My daughter was murdered in our home on September 12, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.”he said from Mexico.

“He was only 18 years old and had his whole life ahead of him. His dream was to become a cardiologist, so with great effort he managed to start studying medicine only two months ago,” Céspedes added.

(Read carefully and learn to define: psychological profile of femicide).

“Ana María was a wonderful girl in every sense of the word. He touched every heart he encountered. Hundreds of people who were present to bid him farewell at various events and in the media are witnesses to this, ”she said.

“With tears in everyone’s eyes and confusion, a question no one should ask themselves: ‘What if?’ And just one request: Justice for Ana María“, he expressed in the clip.

“Although my ex-boyfriend was in custody, he not only took my daughter from us while the process was still in its early stages, but also took away our freedom and peace. We cannot return home and those around us that day are worried about our life safety.“said the mother of the murdered young woman.

“Ana María now rests in peace, but all of us who knew her will not do so until justice is served, this act will not go unpunished, and femicide in Mexico ends. “Justice for Ana María,” he shouted.

(They reveal video of the tragic accident in which a five-year-old girl was struck and killed).

in Colombia, The penalty for femicide is between 250 and 500 months in prison and there is no reduction in the sentence..

At the national level, line 155 It is constantly possible for Colombians to contact any operator to receive attention and guidance on issues related to gender-based violence.

in Bogota Purple CommandoIts aim is to address violence against women. He can be reached on 01 8000 112 137.

Additionally, the ‘Una Llamada de Vida’ line, which the Social Integration Secretariat uses to prevent and report cases of domestic violence in Bogotá, offers immediate intervention at (601) 3808400.

Experts explain the difference between murder and femicide in the video below:


Source: Exame

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