Caesars Entertainment, considered one of the largest casino chains in the United States, was the target of ransomware last week. Criminals stole personal data from customers and “locked” the company’s systems.

According to the company’s official statement to the US business regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the attack was noticed that day. September 7.

They were stolen Ceasars loyalty program dataHaving databases that are considered to be one of the largest databases in this segment consumer identification numbers This driving license data from these people.

However, the company claims that there is no evidence that passwords, banking information or payment information were also accessed by cybercriminals.

Payment to prevent further loss

Contrary to the advice of experts and authorities, Ceasars claims that those responsible for the ransomware paid whatever amount they wanted to prevent this data from being leaked. The figure has not been made official, but it is stated that it could be around US$15 million; This is half the amount originally requested by those responsible.

The company also assures that it has followed procedures and believes the information has been deleted and will not be leaked or sold in the future, although no guarantees are made in this regard.

Names of cybercriminals who infiltrated Caesars’ network Scattered Spider and it was probably the same Systems of MGM Resorts hotel and casino chain were hacked This week.

In this case, with a single call to support, the criminals took the systems offline for several days until the company decided whether to make the payment.

The group uses multiple simultaneous intrusion mechanisms to gain access to servers. social engineeringattempts to reset employees’ passwords and phishing in blows.

Source: Tec Mundo

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