10 iPhone apps worth paying for

Are you looking for iPhone apps that make a difference? These are 10 premium apps that will give you a unique experience on your Apple device.

The best paid apps you should download on your iPhone

Have you ever wondered what these are? iPhone apps actually worth paying for? In a world full of free options, the idea of ​​spending money on mobile apps may seem unnecessary. However, as we explore the App Store universe, we realize this: digital jewelry Offering unique and valuable experiences They deserve every penny invested.

And we’re not only talking about productivity tools that will help you be more productive in your daily life, but also some Games that will take you to magical and fun worlds.

So wait no more and get ready to discover how these paid apps can enrich your experience on your iOS device and ultimately turn every euro spent into a smart investment.

These are some iPhone apps worth paying for

  • blek
  • Paprika 3 Recipe Manager
  • Photo Pills
  • Creating a Pocket
  • 5 Minute Daily and Personal Care
  • Scrivener
  • sky view
  • TouchRetouch
  • White Noise
  • Headspace: Meditation and sleep

These apps are like hidden treasures in the App Store; simplify your tasksExpand your horizons and give you pleasant moments.

So if you’re worried about spending money on apps, read on because these digital wonders It will change your perspective It’s about the value an app can bring to your life.


blek It is a unique gaming experience that combines art and play in a fascinating way. Your goal in Blek draw patterns on the screen become moving shapes. You must be careful not to hit obstacles while collecting points.

This application now invites you to think creatively Solve puzzles in a unique way. As you progress through the game, you will encounter increasingly complex challenges that will test your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Its interface adapts very well to touch screens and price 5.99 eurosBut it’s worth the investment, especially if you want to see everything you draw instantly come to life.

Paprika 3 Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 - your ally in the kitchen

Paprika Recipe Manager 3: your ally in the kitchen

Paprika 3 Recipe Manager It is one of the best recipe apps for iPhone and price 5.99 euros.

he lets you organize your recipes efficientlyplan your meals and create custom shopping lists. You’ll also be able to easily import recipes from cooking websites and blogs.

Among the most notable functions we have various recipes, Checking contents and expiration datesfavorite food menus, meal prep timers and much more.

Photo Pills

PhotoPills - your guide to creating great images

PhotoPills: Your Guide to Creating Stunning Images

Photo Pills It is a must-have iOS app for every photography enthusiast, whether you are a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast.

What makes this app outstanding is its ability to provide you accurate information about the app. Position of the sun, moon and stars at any place and time.

So it gives you the opportunity to: plan your photos in advanceMake sure you capture the lighting and sky elements the way you want.

Moreover, Photo Pills It augmented reality tools that show how elements will line up in the sky with perfect placement and framing. And not only that, it also has a planning and location manager, exposure calculators, sun, moon, milky way widgets and more.

If you want to maximize your photography skills and create legendary photos, you can download it for a short time. price 12.99 euros.

Creating a Pocket

Quality digital drawings with Procreate Pocket

Quality digital drawings with Procreate Pocket

Creating a Pocket It is the pocket version of the popular drawing and painting application. give birth. Despite its compact size, this app is packed with powerful art creation tools.

With Creating a Pocketyou’ll be able to create stunning works of art right on your iPhone. The application a variety customizable brushesadvanced drawing tools and edit layers so you can bring your ideas to life creatively.

One of the advantages Creating a Pocket her fluency and responsiveness on mobile devices. Moreover, good resolution canvasesQuickShape functionality, gorgeous 64-bit colors and More than 250 levels undo and redo. All this is a price 6.99 euros.

5 Minute Daily and Personal Care

5 minutes for your diary and personal care

5 minutes for your diary and personal care

5 Minute Daily and Personal Care It is more than an app; It is a tool that will improve your skills. mental and emotional well-being. This iOS app guides you through the practice of daily writing down your thoughts, goals, and reflections that can positively impact your life.

The application is based on principles of gratitude and mindfulness, encourages you to focus on the positive things in life. You can improve yourself by spending just a few minutes a day writing. a more positive and balanced mindset.

In addition to daily reflections, the system allows you to: Set goals and remindersThis helps you focus on what really matters.

It’s completely free to download, but you’ll need to subscribe to one of the following plans to enjoy the benefits: From 5 euros to 60 euros.


Organization and productivity - Discover the power of Scrivener

Organization and productivity: Discover the power of Scrivener

Scrivener another iPhone apps worth paying for. It is an advanced writing tool designed for writers, authors, and anyone serious about creating written content.

Thanks to this platform, you will be able to divide your articles into sections. chapters, sections and scenesmakes it easier to manage long projects. You will also be able to view and edit different parts of your project under one roof. organized interface.

The best the system formatting tools Advanced tools perfect for creating publication-ready documents.

If you are working on a novel, feature-length article, or other writing project, please 24.99 euros you can download Scrivener.

sky view

SkyView Lite: virtual telescope for your mobile phone

SkyView Lite: virtual telescope for your mobile phone

sky view It’s the perfect choice for astronomy enthusiasts and anyone looking to explore the night sky. The app uses your iPhone’s camera to create a real time view of the starry sky.

Thanks to its innovative system, you will be able to: identify stars, constellations and planets Just point your phone at the sky.

Additionally, the app provides information about the celestial objects you are viewing and Learn more about the cosmos. One price 3 euroDespite all the beauties it , it is quite economical.


Turn your photos into works of art with TouchRetouch

Turn your photos into works of art with TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch It is one of the best apps to quickly and easily remove unwanted objects or blemishes in your images from your iPhone. It is free to download but not in full version price varies from 14.99 to 19.99 euros.

Have a perfect photo but an unwanted object is getting in your way? With TouchRetouchYou can get rid of it with just a few taps.

Application removing objects such as magicone-touch retouching, custom tutorials and smart selection tools It is designed to highlight the area you want to remove.

White Noise

WhiteNoise: white noise for relaxation

WhiteNoise: white noise for relaxation

White Noise Available only on the App Store is another good option 1 euro. Designed to help you fall asleep, concentrate or relax.

This platform various options relaxing soundsFrom the sound of the sea to the chirping of birds or the sound of rain. It also allows you mix and match different sounds to create the perfect environment for your needs.

Whether you want to block out outside noise, meditate or unwind after a busy day, White Noise gives you a relaxing listening experience.

Headspace: Meditation and sleep

Change your life with Headspace: The app that teaches you how to meditate and sleep better

Change your life with Headspace: The app that teaches you how to meditate and sleep better

Headspace: Mindfulness Meditation One meditation app Guiding you through mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques reduce stress and improve your mental health.

The application a comprehensive catalog guided meditations addressing topics such as reducing stress, improving sleep, and improving mindfulness.

And if that’s not enough, SOS sessionsYou can follow headspace animations and even structured programs This will help you develop healthy meditation habits. It’s free to download but there are subscription plans ranging from: From 12.99 Euro to 94.99 Euro.

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