Mobility apps such as Uber, Cabify or Didi have become important in the daily lives of Colombians. Considering the lack of disruption in public transportation and the long distances citizens have to travel in their cities, it sometimes turns out that the best transportation option is the transportation option offered by applications.


For this reason We bring you five tips that will increase the safety of your travels with applications.To travel calmly and with the highest possible security.

Most apps allow you to view average driver ratingbased on ratings given by the same users and number of trips made.

We recommend that you first make sure your travel driver is highly rated (4.7 out of 5 or higher) and has also made many trips (preferably more than 500). This ensures that your average rating comes from many voices.

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The app should give you license plate, model and color of the vehicle. If any of this information does not match the car that comes to pick you up, we recommend that you cancel the trip and request a new one, as this may be a violation of the company’s requirements.

Some drivers may ask you to walk several meters or blocks to get into the vehicle due to factors such as traffic or driver comfort. Do not accept this requestbecause it can be dangerous. Try to choose bright, crowded places to board where you can verify information about the vehicle and who is driving it.

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A common practice among users Share your location in real time with friends and family via WhatsAppfrom the moment they get into the vehicle. This way, they can always know where the passenger is in case they stop responding.

As much as possible, It is best to travel accompaniedbecause this reduces the risk of a possible attack. If you are with someone who is unable to travel alone (e.g. under the influence of alcohol), try to accompany them to their destination; if you cannot, inform your family about the details of the trip.

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