Via a press release, Rappi just reported that the iPhone 15 will be available for purchase in Colombia via the platform starting Friday, September 29th.and until supplies run out, according to reference.

The official price of Apple’s recently announced new mobile phones in the country is currently unknown. The stores only have registration platforms so that users get notifications as soon as the official announcement is made that the iPhone 15 has arrived in the country.

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It will cost $799 (128GB storage version) in the United States; This is the same as the iPhone 14 when it was released. This is equivalent to more than 3,180,000 Colombian pesos; However, once you arrive in the country, this value usually increases due to taxes and other reasons.

iPhone 15, announced by Apple on September 12, came with many important features and improvements. One of the most striking physical features is the new color range in which the device will be available.

In addition to black, iPhone 15 can also be purchased in colors such as pink, green, blue and pastel yellow.iPhone 15 Pro offers options such as Natural Titanium, Blue Titanium, White Titanium and Black Titanium.


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Additionally, on the gaming front, the iPhone 15 Pro features ray tracing for smoother graphics and more realistic lighting. The MetalFX Upscaling feature enables longer gaming sessions with high-resolution graphics while consuming less power. Games such as Resident Evil Village and Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be available on the official Apple store in the coming months.

Some users of the new iPhone 15 reported their concerns on social networks phone overheating problem.

On the subject, some technology experts explained that the mobile phone heats up due to the A17 Pro processor, because although it was created to provide maximum performance and efficiency, it creates problems because it reaches temperatures up to 48 °C.

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For example, content creator Geekerwan subjected the new Apple device to various tests and found that the problem was caused by the microchip temperature, which caused the titanium and glass of the mobile phone to heat up.

faced with the issue, Geekerwan advised iPhone 15 users to use an external cooling device.

However, Apple expert analyst Ming-Chi Kuo rejected this theory and explained that the temperature problems in the mobile phone were due to the design of the thermal system, which was compromised in order to be lighter.

According to Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Unscrupulous people have already falsified UV labels of the iPhone 15This is precisely intended to prevent people from purchasing fake versions of this device.

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It is worth remembering that Apple has gone one step further in terms of security and has created holograms on the boxes of these mobile phones that are visible only with ultraviolet light, so their customers have full assurance that they are purchasing an original product.

But they managed to copy holograms to sell copies of the iPhone 15, so, It is very important that you buy from Apple stores or organizations or portals that you completely trust.

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