Elon Musk, famous businessman and owner of XHe used the platform to announce important developments in his companies, express his personal opinions, and chat with his followers and other users.

But, The discussions around X, formerly known as Twitter, are endless. Multiple layoffs in recent months are having a negative impact on the platform, which faces a lack of qualified staff to solve technical challenges and problems related to the information age and fake news.


According to the ‘Genbeta’ web portal, Linda YaccarinoX, who serves as CEO of X, attended an event also attended by Yoel Roth, who ran the trust and safety unit at Twitter until he was fired a few months ago.

Roth was highly critical of X, arguing that the platform was experiencing an increase in harassment towards users. In the middle of the incident Yaccarino had to answer uncomfortable questions that created tension in the atmosphere.

During his participation in the Code Conference, his leader He claims that even he does not have a clear vision for the future One of the world’s largest social networks.

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During a live meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk said that X could bring a project to life. “small monthly payment” for users to combat “massive bot armies” on the platform.

However, during his participation in the Code Conference, X’s CEO looked surprised when asked about this plan and asked the interviewer to repeat the question, asking whether Musk had stated with certainty that this would happen or was just thinking about it.

When asked whether he had been consulted about this decision, he said: Yaccarino was evasiveSaying “we talk about everything”

Although the interviewer tried to change the subject by talking about X’s future plans, he insisted on whether he was considering a subscription model for X. if Musk had been consulted and if you think X should have some free tier.

It was also questioned whether Yaccarino’s role in the company was more as director of operationsGiven that X’s product teams are still heavily dependent on Musk.

Finally, X’s CEO did not respond directly to any of the questions This situation, related to the subscription model proposed by Musk, created uncertainty about his knowledge and participation in important decision-making processes on the platform.

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Overall the interview was confusing and Yaccarino appeared nervous as he answered basic questions About X’s business and Musk’s involvement.

When told that he had little power in the company, Yaccarino responded: “Yeah, it’s not nice.”and then attempted to explain Musk’s roles as a product and technology leader, highlighting his ability to lead a team of exceptional engineers.

Moreover, He denies disbanding X’s election integrity team Shortly after Musk announced at X that this team was “gone.”

He also didn’t seem to have an exact figure for the number of X users; at one point he mentioned there were “200 to 250 million” daily active users and later claimed there were 540 million monthly active users worldwide. Even though Musk recently said it was 550 million.


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