Popular content streaming platform Spotify has taken a bold step into the world of audiobooks by announcing a significant expansion of its Premium service.

Now Spotify Premium users in Australia and the UK will have direct access to an impressive collection of over 150,000 audiobooks. This news marks an important milestone in the development of the world’s leading music platform.

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Spotify Premium, known for its features of downloading as much music as you want, listening without interruption and browsing through songs, offers its users the opportunity to further enrich their experiences. This latest addition allows subscribers to explore a vast world of storytelling and information through audiobooks.

The company also said that some of its users have been banned since September last year. The United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada already had access to more than 300,000 audiobooks.

Now Spotify has brought this offering to Premium mode, giving users the opportunity to listen to more than 150,000 audiobooks as part of their monthly subscription.

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Every Spotify Premium subscriber in the UK and Australia, and coming to the US later this year, will benefit from a 15-hour monthly listening limit, allowing them to explore a wide range of content.

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This addition adds to the platform’s already impressive library of more than a hundred million songs and more than five million podcasts.

Spotify underlines that more than 70 percent of the best-selling books are available to Premium subscribers.

Additionally, the platform has further simplified the audiobook experience by allowing listening without the need for prior downloading. and offers unique features like “End of Episode” in Spotify’s sleep timer. This will allow users to relax and enjoy their favorite audiobooks without having to worry about searching for where they stopped reading the next day.

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With this expansion, Spotify Premium demonstrates its commitment to providing users with a complete and diverse entertainment experience and strengthens its position as one of the leading streaming platforms worldwide.

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Source: Exame

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