The Analog company has announced exciting news for classic video game fans by announcing the development of its next console, Analog 3D, scheduled for release in 2024.

This new console promises to bring back the iconic Nintendo 64but with the added ability to play the original games in stunning 4K resolution.

Released in 1996, the Nintendo 64 is one of Nintendo’s most beloved and iconic home consoles. This was a turning point in the transition to 1From 2D to 3D games with 64-bit graphics power, It introduced legendary games such as Mario Kart 64, Mario Party and Donkey Kong 64.

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Analog, a company dedicated to the development of video game hardware, announced that it is committed to reviving the magic of the Nintendo 64 with Analog 3D. This console is described as a reinvention as it can run original games in stunning 4K resolution.

The standout feature of this console is that it doesn’t emulate Nintendo 64 games, but instead uses a system based on the FPGA (field programmable gate array) chip that faithfully replicates the original Nintendo 64 hardware.

Analog 3D will be compatible with original Nintendo 64 cartridges in all regions, including the United States, the European Union, and Japan.

It will also offer multiple “original viewing modes”Including high-quality recreations of CRT (cathode ray tube) display models and professional video monitors (PVM).

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Analog 3D adapts to modern needs as well as its impressive ability to recreate the original gaming experience Adding four ports for controls and connectivity options like Bluetooth “original style.”

Nintendo 64 and retro gaming fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Analog 3D in 2024. Classic treasures of the 64-bit era are now in 4K with improved image quality.

Nintendo Switch has been a tremendous success for the Japanese video game company. Its versatile design, which allows you to play in both portable mode and on a larger screen with detachable controls, has managed to sell over 84 million units in less than 49 months since its launch, according to ‘Gamerant’.


This success sparked the development of new variants such as the Nintendo Switch Lite, a more affordable version without removable Joy-Cons, and the Nintendo Switch OLED, which, as the name suggests, has a high-quality OLED display. .

But it’s been more than six years since the original console was released, and rumors about a possible Nintendo Switch 2 continue to grow. In this sense, the special portal ‘Nintenderos’ has compiled the most remarkable leaks to date about the new Nintendo console.


According to these leaks, Nintendo Switch 2 may follow the model of releasing two versions: one with a slot for physical games, the other completely digital, but the latter will not be compatible with the games of the original Nintendo Switch.

There has also been speculation that voice recognition may be included in the new console, based on the close relationship between Nintendo and Goertek, a company that develops voice recognition technology for mobile devices.

Details regarding possible pricing and release dates have also been revealed, but this information has not been officially confirmed so should be approached with caution.

The digital model is said to cost $400.The price of the model with a backwards compatible cartridge slot will be $499. The tentative release date is set for September 24, 2024, but it may be delayed until November.

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It’s important to highlight that Nintendo’s internal project for the new console is identified by the abbreviation ‘NG’. suggests that its final name may not be ‘Switch 2’.

Additionally, IGN has leaked a Nintendo-proprietary patent showing a console that doesn’t have the well-known detachable Joy-Con, instead offering a Joystick and four right buttons integrated directly into the console. It is unclear whether this patent applies to the Nintendo Switch 2 or an additional variant.

In short, all this information is based on rumors and leaks and has not been officially confirmed by the company. These are the collected data that create expectations in the gaming community, but it is necessary to wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo to learn the exact details of the next console.

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Source: Exame

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