Meta-owned social network Instagram is one of the most popular among Internet users, with a variety of options for sharing photos or videos in portrait or landscape format.

Users have the opportunity to find content related to their interests through the search engine or the available magnifying glass. Although these searches are recorded in history, You can also delete them completely. Here we show you how.

According to Meta, “Instagram saves searches in ‘Search & Explore,’ so “Researching your favorite accounts and hashtags is easier and faster.”

If you no longer want to see these suggestions in your history, you can permanently delete them by following these steps:

The transaction can preferably be made from an order that you need to log into your Instagram account.

After opening the appYou should go to the options that appear on the left side of the interface and choose In ‘Other’ or three lines or ellipse.

Click on it and a small window will open; The ‘Settings’ option will appear which you need to enter.

You will then be taken to the settings page where you can edit your profile, change the language of the app or view the accounts you are subscribed to.

In this case, to delete searches it will be necessary to focus on the upper part of the Meta where the ‘Account Center’ appears. In this necessity Select ‘More information in account centre’.

After opening the account center interface, enter ‘Your information and permissions where the option to view search history will appear and you can delete stored data.

Note that not only will the accounts you search for be unregistered, but the keywords or hashtags will also be deleted, so they will no longer appear in your suggestions.


Source: Exame

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