Every day more and more people fall into different situations fraudlater cyber criminals They don’t stop looking for ways to attack and steal money and information.

There is now a new trap floating around on mobile devices. We tell you how to identify it and avoid losing all your money or important data.

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Although technology provides great convenience to today’s world, security is still one of the biggest problems. Cybercriminals have made the internet a very cautious place. In fact, anonymous calls turned into million-dollar messages.

After many complaints on social networks, Recently it was possible to detect that people received a text message with a link at the end.

“Good day. Your friend Juan received a loan of 2,000,000 COP, he invites you to click on the link to benefit from this benefit”says the text.

If you receive this message, it is recommended that you delete it from your inbox and also report it to the networks so that fewer victims lose their money.

It is possible If you click on the link, you risk infecting your device with viruses.

Software called malware, computer viruses, spyware or ransomware is used by cybercriminals to change passwords, access sensitive information and stealing money From banking applications.

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The most common threats are: Phishing, malware, Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, software vulnerability, spoofing, credential theft, ransomware, Brute Force attacks, data exfiltration, attacks on IoT devices, and Social Security. Engineering attacks.

Allianz, one of Colombia’s most well-known insurance companies, has published some recommendations on its portal.

Many cyber criminals They use fraud to steal personal informationTherefore, they appeal to people’s emotions in the following ways:

Addresses that do not come from a known or legitimate domain name and emails that are in other languages ​​and contain spelling or graphic errors are among the biggest threats you can detect with the naked eye.

If you encounter this type of message, it is recommended that you direct the situation to your company’s systems department.


On September 12, Colombia faced one of the most sophisticated large-scale cyber attacks in its history.

Company IFX Networksa telecommunications solutions provider, suffered a cyberattack that affected many of its customers, including organizations affiliated with the Colombian government.


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