Supreme Court of Justice The former representative was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison Putumayo, Argenis Velásquez (2014 – 2018), for requesting one of the members of the Legislative Task Force (UTL) She will give half of her salary to her then-husband, Edwin Chávez Jojoa.

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Argenis Velasquez (Liberal) was indicted by the Investigation Department of the Supreme Court of Justice at the end of 2021. The agent will be liable for the above-mentioned conduct because he participated with his partner in making improper demands for money from Nohora Mercedes Rojas Benavides.. It was 3,200,000 pesos per month, 25,600,000 pesos in total

SentenceIt also provides for disqualification from rights and public office for a period of 8 years. 99 months of legal minimum wage in force at the time of the events (2016).

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The Supreme Court emphasized in the effective part: “Conditionally suspending the execution of the prison sentence and refusing house arrest to the convict. “After the sentence is finalized, an arrest warrant will be issued for him.”

He also ordered him to pay 57,743,572.53 pesos. For compensation for damages caused to Nohora Mercedes Rojas Benavides.

During the process, Rojas Benavides stated the following before the authorities: “They asked me for a certain portion of my salary until I didn’t want it anymore. She did this through her husband. He said to me, ‘He brought me the documents.’ “So I delivered it to different parts of the city in a sealed envelope.”

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Allegedly, Velásquez had known Rojas since 2014 and gave him a job in Congress, where he actually worked until March. From 2016 to February 2017, she served as a consultant on women, children and youth issues.

“He told me he saw it inside. I am the right person for my experience, academic preparation, and vision. Rojas said that the request for money surprised him, but he had no choice but to give the money.

Last January, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office The General appealed to the First Instance Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice decide on the acquittal of the former representative

Then delegate The Public Ministry questioned Rojas’ testimony, stating that he only filed a complaint when he was determined to be recalcitrant. “There is nothing strong in her statement to suggest that she confronted him to complain about this improper request for money,” he said.

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