Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze disable traffic directions in Israel and Gaza

Israel is making demands from Apple and Google as a result of its war against Hamas.

The conflict between Hamas and the Israelis is intensifying, and tech giants are taking action.

The conflict between Israelis and Hamas has brought all kinds of repercussions for local communities. As the problem intensifies, leading companies in their fields are affected in some ways; This, of course, includes tech pillars like Apple or Google, which has changed the design of its maps app to resemble Apple’s. .

And because of location issues, there was a request from the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). disable real-time traffic in navigation apps, Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze. To present as an argument what happened in the situation between Ukraine and Russia, where excessive traffic was recorded, which turned out to be the movement of troops.

Some Bloomberg sources stated that this was at his request. Israel Defense Forces In fact, Google Maps spokesperson Carlone Bourdeau said drivers who use Maps to support their transfers will still have the ability to verify the estimated time remaining on the trip and may even continue to see routes in specific locations. These features will be disabled when there is heavy traffic in the area.

Apple Maps: Powerful maps app for iOS

Apple Maps: Powerful maps app for iOS

Why will traffic indicators be disabled?

Using real-time traffic information for strategic purposes during an accident between organizations or countries is a relatively modern thing and, as Bourdeau himself put it, it would not be the first time they decided to disable the possibility of seeing live traffic conditions. related to Avoid further tragedies during the event.

It was also implied that Apple agreed to the IDF’s request, so Additionally, it will not always be possible to view traffic information using Apple Maps.However, neither the company nor the IDF said anything about this. In other words, they did not give any further information about the precautions that those who were bitten would take regarding this decision.

It is known that These actions will be temporaryAt least until it is deemed appropriate to activate all functions in the applications normally again.

Currently, Apple has also announced an event for the next few days. may be here I will be introducing some products to close out the year.These are expected to be some new iPads or Macs.

Source: i Padizate

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