Mobile phones are at the center of our lives and are with us at all times. However, with its inclusion in the daily routine, habits were formed that may not be suitable.


According to ‘Techwalla’, although a phone charger does not use the same energy as a regular device, it passively consumes around 0.2 Watts of energy per hour. This constant activity shortens the lifespan of the charger, deteriorates the cable, and wears out the connections.

In extreme cases and especially in case of damage to the charger or its components, As Meyers Companies Inc. states, there is a risk of short circuit and possible fire.

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It is vital that the mobile device is not left charging on surfaces such as clothing or under pillows, as this increases the risk of overheating and fire. Additionally, continuous and prolonged charging may reduce the overall capacity of the battery.

To avoid the risks of leaving the charger permanently connected, El Universal recommends the following:

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