Tinkoff Business launched the Documents service for electronic document management of companies with freelancers. With its help, organizations can conclude contracts and sign acts with freelancers remotely, Tinkoff said in a statement.

Tinkoff Business launches a free document management service for companies with freelancers

The service is free and available to any freelancer, even if they are not a Tinkoff customer. In this case, companies must have a current account at Tinkoff.

What you can do through the service:

  • work with documents and send them to executors for signing without installing additional programs and applications;
  • use ready-made document templates;
  • create new templates or upload your own versions of contracts and acts;
  • sign documents using a simple electronic signature;
  • automatically send contracts to all freelancers the company works with;
  • In minutes, create and download a tax return package, including contracts, checks, and records.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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