Amazon Virtual Try-On lets you try on sneakers, glasses and t-shirts in virtual reality from your smartphone camera.

Amazon has presented a very interesting innovation in the form of augmented reality that it allows you. Try before you buy the shoes you want to buy.. Similar to the Wanna Kicks app, the official Amazon app lets you do a double kick using your smartphone’s camera.

Currently this innovation only available for iOS users, who will need to use iPhone 7 or later. Also, only users United States and Canada You can see this new button to try on shoes, glasses and t-shirts in virtual reality. It will be out for Android devices soon and will reach more countries.

Amazon Virtual Trial

Amazon Virtual Try-On Lets You Try On Sneakers, Goggles, and T-Shirts

With the Virtual Try-On Shoe Try-On, you can visualize how the shoes will look on your feet from every angle before you buy them, and you can easily shop whenever you want. A fun and interactive way to shop for shoes on the Amazon Shopping app. Besides shoes, you can also try on glasses and t-shirts virtually.

of course this one of the best applications of augmented realityIt’s a technology that Apple has been working hard on and will end with the release of its long-awaited glasses. Amazon’s Virtual Tryout will let us try on clothes without having to buy them.

Amazon Virtual Trial

Amazon Virtual Try-On is a great augmented reality app

As great as this technology is, Amazon claims: it is not designed for you to choose the ideal size for you. This is just a representation and cannot choose the size of the shoe or shirt for you, although it may improve on this in the future.

The Virtual Shoe Try on experience helps you visualize what the shoes will look like, but is not a sizing tool.

For now there is only a limited number of products It’s compatible with Amazon’s Virtual Try-On, just as its launch is limited to just two countries. However, it is possible to expand both the catalog and its locations in the near future.

Source: i Padizate

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