Season four finale weird thingsdivided into two volumes, brought back one of the most important pop culture phenomena of these years and, perhaps, the most solid bet Netflix As for our own production. With the resumption of production, there were also various questions regarding the fifth season.

It should be remembered that a few months ago the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer announced that weird things it wouldn’t have gone beyond the fifth season -regardless of the possibility spin off happen later. This affects, apart from the story, which seems to reach its climax, a detail that eludes the series: its main characters become great. Children who play heroes in history cease to be.

So that their presence on the screen does not look forced, the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer begin to force ideas. Throughout August, the writers and creators of the series will be returning to the newsroom to give shape to the various ideas they have and have even already pitched. They are presented below.

weird things:
Season 5 hints

Report submitted ScreenRant, a medium that specializes in series, film and television, explains some of the things to keep in mind for the next season, the finale. One of the main aspects that the medium pays attention to is the length of the pre-production, production and post-production processes in addition to the length of the series.

About the first aspect: fifth season weird things it won’t take long to arrive. Matt and Ross Duffer will begin writing the scripts in the first week of August. Diversity. The implementation of the fourth season was marked by quarantine as part of the measures to contain the pandemic due to COVID-19.

According to information collected Collider. This leads us to believe that it could be ten chapters. However, it must be remembered that the last episodes of the fourth season have exceeded an hour. Therefore, it is likely that different representation formulas will be used.

Will there be a time jump? weird things?

Yes, at least that’s one of the intentions Matt and Ross Duffer allude to. According to George Lawley, ScreenRantthe authors “they believe that a time jump may be necessary to explain why the actors are significantly older than the characters they play.“. An age difference arose between the waiting period for the third season and the fourth. It remains to be seen how this resource can be styled within the current scenario, in which turn upside down began to settle in Hawkins.

Max, is he alive or not?

In early July of this year, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer took part in the Happy Sad Confused podcast. In an interview, they touched on the character of Max, who ended up bedridden in the season four finale. On whether she is alive or not, Ross Duffer said:Yes, she is brain dead, but she is alive.. Brain dead, she’s blind, and all her bones are broken, but she feels great.”


turn upside downin Detect

Another idea that Matt and Ross Duffer came up with was to tell a story turn upside down. During the fourth season weird things Some ideas have been put forward about this, but they have not gone into too much depth. In accordance with ScreenRantto quote Ross Duffer, exploring this side of the story will be one of the keys to season five.

For this, the history base will be in Hawkins. During the fourth season, the narrative alternated between different locations due to the main characters being spread out. This factor is no longer present in relation to the fifth season. The starting point is expected to be where it all began.

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