First episode Ms. Marvel served to represent part of the story’s meaning. At the heart of the base are two teenagers who are looking for their place in the world, idealizing different issues, imagining the best place. They are kamala khan D Bruno CarelliHer best friend.

Although Bruno Carrelli does not have the special abilities that Kamala Khan has, he plays a key role in her development and development. The friendship between them is the factor that fuels their relationship. So they can support each other and be accomplices in different situations. AT Ms. Marveladaptation of Disney Plus, one of them has already been seen: the opportunity to go to an event together.

This closeness in Bruno Carrelli’s intelligence is one of the strengths, but also in the comics, it includes a deeper story. So far this has not been observed. Ms. Marvel. Considering that there is only one chapter, it is logical to assume that it will be developed later and may include some variations. It’s worth remembering that Disney content is adaptations, not exact copies of comics.

History of Bruno Carrelli,
best friend Ms. Marvel

Bruno Carrelli’s origin story in the comics tells that he, along with his brother Vittorio, are second-generation Italian citizens living in the United States. They grew up under the guidance of their grandparents, immigrants from Naples.

The main common ground between Kamala Khan and Bruno Carrelli comes when they both discover they are fans Two Mutant Samurai Turtles. This bond is growing at a time when Bruno Carrelli’s grandparents are experiencing various economic hardships. So, Kamala Khan’s parents decide to cover her studies. The relationship between the two people turned into a rapprochement between families.

From an early age, Bruno Carrelli showed an interest in science and technology. In the comics, he is described as someone with an intellect that surpasses the rest of his comrades. Partially, this could be seen already in the first series. Ms. Marvelwhen he gives Kamala Khan the gloves he designed. His IQ is estimated at 170 points..

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At some point in its history, the traditional school became too small for Bruno Carrelli. What’s the matter? Start studying at the academy in Wakandawhere they have privileged technologies and resources. It also acts as an emotional support. Ms. Marvelwhich becomes his sentimental interest.

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