A private shuttle or tourist bus had a serious accident on the La Vega-Bogota road. While two people died at the scene, a woman died minutes later in the hospital she was taken to. More than 20 people are recovering after the tragic incident. A survivor described the moments of panic they experienced in the vehicle and what the driver told him before the fatal accident.

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The accident was reported at around 11:22 am on October 25. A. The motorcyclist recorded on video how the bus lost control on the road He made several turns until he stopped in front of a mountain at exactly 51+950 meters on the road from the capital to Villeta.

The vehicle contained older adults leaving Tenjo municipality for a leisure activity.

“The driver informed us that the vehicle’s brakes were not responding and the gearbox was not engaged. He asks us to please cover our heads and bow deeply.“He recalled one of the survivors in his conversation with the Sin Carreta program. channel 1.

The woman stated that the driver was looking for a way to stop the bus without causing a disaster. But there was nothing to do at the bend: they rolled over spectacularly.

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“Older adults are thrown from the vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver loses his life trying to save ours. He was such a hero“This will not go unpunished,” he added. channel 1.

As captured in the videos, the community approached the scene to help them, but a man took advantage of the confusion and stole their mobile phones and other personal belongings: “We lost what we were carrying.”

The survivor hopes the company that owns the bus will respond to what happened.

Older adults arrived from Tenjo, Cundinamarca. The Mayor of the Municipality denied that “the persons involved in the accident had any legal or contractual connection with the activity to be carried out”.

“Even this relocation does not correspond to an activity undertaken by the municipality of Tenjo,” insisted the responsible mayor, Ismael Enrique Mahecha.

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“The management would like to express its deep sorrow for the unfortunate accident and extends its sincere condolences and prayers for the deceased,” the local leader added.

To show solidarity with the victims and injured, the Mayor called the community to the Eucharist on Friday, October 27. Likewise, a helpline was established for people who needed help after the accident.

“24 injured people need to be transported to medical centers. There are two deaths at the scene. One more person died (in the hospital),” said Captain Álvaro Farfán, delegate of the Cundinamarca Fire Department.

“Our hypothesis regarding the accident is that there was a malfunction in the braking system,” he said.

Authorities launched an investigation to determine whether the incident was truly a mechanical failure and whether the bus had the necessary documentation and inspections.

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The driver and co-pilot woman died at the scene. The third victim was 72-year-old Cecilia Muñoz de Neira, who entered La Vega Hospital at noon on October 25 and had to be transferred to San Rafael de Facatativá Hospital, where she died despite medical interventions.

Due to the serious condition of the injured, 22 people were taken to La Vega Hospital, while 16 people were sent to Facatativá care centers.. Here is the full list with IDs:

La Vega Hospital:

Ana Fidelia Gutiérrez Medina, 63 years old
Abraham González, 82 years old
Liseth Dayanna Trivino, 22 years old
Jesus David Reyes, 31 years old
Anderson Felipe Giral, 18 years old
María Teresa Vargas de Díaz is 72 years old.

Medifaca Clinic:

Gloria Silvia Rodríguez Ramos, 62 years old
Ernesto Martínez Rubiano, 64 years old
María Del Carmen Forero, 66 years old
Jorge Alberto Talero, 69 years old
Armando Muneton Leon, 66 years old
María Benilda Murcía, 63 years old
María Flor Corredor de Socotá.

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San Rafael de Facatativá Hospital:

María Mercedes Juyo, 67 years old
María del Carmen Gutiérrez, 68 years old
Marai Isabel Cárdenas C, 62 years old
Nidia Angélica Reyes Guzmán, 29 years old
Roberth Geovanny Mesa, 10 years old
Beatriz Muñoz de Rodríguez, 74 years old
Jorge Cubides, 72 years old
María Lucila Orjuela Salgado is 62 years old.

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Source: Exame

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