This news came out a year ago Elon Musk He had acquired the social network Twitter, which had undergone various changes; One of the most representative was its name and logo. These were replaced by X. But there are other transformations that have led to the decline of ‘practice’.


The multiple transformations that the social network has undergone, Significant staff layoffs and resignationsIn addition changes in policiesbroken promises, regulatory investigations ‘According to CNN, from the United States Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission and European Union officials.

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One of the changes that created great weight in the social network is account verification purchase, According to ‘Euronews’, this no longer builds trust between users because previously this only happened when the Twitter team verified that the person was real and relevant to the app.

Considering this, Matt NavarraThe social media strategist and commentator explained to the above-mentioned outlet: “We didn’t see

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Social network in September according to ‘Similarweb’ showed a decline related to:

Inside United States of Americaattendance dropped -19% United Kingdom -11.6%, in France -13.4%, in Germany -17.9% and within Australia -17.5%.

On the other hand, due to the increase in the number of monthly active users, the use of the application on mobile phones was also affected. iOS There was a -17.8% year-to-year decrease in terms of internet users Android It fell 14.8%. These all represent losses in X.

Despite all these numbers. Linda Yaccarino The CEO of the social network said in his statement that they listened to the demands of the advertising community, which is why more than one advertisement has been published since May. 1,700 advertisers used X services againso they are committed to improving “companies to launch new products, connect with culture, and encourage people to buy.”

He calls the social network a “implementation of everything” where everyone is required to be connected to each other, but subscribers X Premium They spent three times more time than other users. He gave the following assurance: “We’re seeing 70,000 people joining a new community every day, and time spent is up 300% since May.”

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Source: Exame

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