Pentagon rovoddo makes frantic efforts to eliminate kits Nearly a billion-dollar winning contractors Raytheon and Northrop Grumman intend to equip the US Air Force with the “world’s first supersonic cruise missile,” the NASM, capable of reaching Mach 20, by 2027.

NASM is a tactical weapon, an air-launched wing-to-air missile for the destruction of ground-based I. The Pentagon command plans to use it at the very beginning of a large-scale non-nuclear one.

It will be the first in the world to fly with precision. Due to the low-energy engine (t successor), the high oxygen content of the nososous growths, the more oxygenated fuel helps the engine to accelerate the rocket to an extremely high fuel level.

So far, in the US Armed Forces, at such a meeting, only nuclear warheads of ballistic missiles in the passive leg of the flight, rushing towards the target at a speed of more than 24,000 km / h. In contrast, supersonic missiles are non-nuclear and may not have a warhead at all, hitting the target solely due to the colossal kinetic energy, which implies its supersonic speed.

Almost nothing is known about the characteristics of the NASM, except that it consumes size, and its reserves are available to the latest generation of fighters. It is also unknown whether the rate is ready for 2027, since all the latest tests of prototypes of hypersound are located failure.

Source: Tech Cult

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