Although there are still many social stigmas associated with this issue, the sexual health industry has steadily increased its demand. For this reason, new products that go hand in hand with the most advanced technology have been created to provide consumers with an unforgettable experience in their privacy.

According to the specialist financial magazine ‘Forbes’, the sexual health market represented $39 billion (more than 148 billion pesos) of the world economy in 2017.


When it comes to ‘teledonics’, their cutting-edge sex toys, they have made great strides making these products more accessible and offering different options to make the user experience much more enjoyable.

The thing that attracted the most attention of the consumers was the vibrators that can be connected to certain applications, and thus the movements and density of the goods can be controlled from mobile devices.

Likewise, there are now “smart” sex toys with temperature sensors and pelvic floor motion trackers that can measure arousal levels. This is to make the intimacy experience more precise and personal.

According to two articles in the dedicated web portal ‘She Knows’ and ‘Forbes’ these are the most sought after ‘teledonics’ on the market and their features:

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Recently, WeVibe has launched its new smart vibrator called Sync, which has a bluetooth device so users can control it from a remote or via mobile apps from their cell phone.

This sex toy is designed for both couple and individual use. It can also be molded, so You can adapt it to your body shape to have a more personalized and pleasant experience..

It’s also rechargeable via a USB port and is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub as well. The price of the product is $189 (719 thousand pesos).

The feature of the Lioness vibrator is: It keeps track of user experiences so one can learn more about their body and their way of enjoying it.

This toy has body temperature sensors and assesses the movement of the pelvic floor during sexual activity, which helps to show how arousal levels and orgasms behave. Lioness costs $229 (871 thousand pesos).

This female vibrator handles pressure waves that stimulate the clitoris, and the pleasure levels are unmatched as this organ has so many nerve endings. The price of the product is $ 49.95 (190 thousand pesos).

It can be remotely controlled by another person via a mobile app, making it ideal for experiencing as a couple. You can move the vibrations to the rhythm of your favorite music among the different options offered by the platform.

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As the name suggests, this device is designed to train and strengthen the pelvic floor. It not only benefits sexual stimuli, but also helps prevent diseases such as urinary incontinence.

Ideal for women who have recently given birth and want to regain the strength and stability of their pelvic floor. Elvie Trainer is controlled from a mobile platform that records the progress of workouts.

Besides helping the health of the female reproductive system, it has vibrations that will give you a very pleasant experience. The article is worth $193 (734k pesos).

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