Javier Fernández and Eduardo Luis López share their work both on Win Sports and on the RCN channel, It now owns broadcast rights to the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in North America, along with its major rival Caracol TV.

‘Goal Singer’ now announced ‘Official narrator of the Colombian National Team’. However, on November 16, the day Néstor Lorenzo’s team beat Brazil, Fernández could not speak due to health problems.

Eduardo Luis, who was at the Roberto Meléndez stadium that day, came second and It was his turn to describe Luis Díaz’s emotional twin. There were many messages on social networks asking for permission to cover the Colombian games.

This Sunday, during the broadcast of the match between Nacional and América, Describing that match, Fernández made an enigmatic statement that many interpreted as a mockery of both Carlos Alberto Morales, the narrator of Gol Caracol, and Eduardo Luis.

Commenting on the match as the second half was just starting, Campo Elías Therán said: “I forgot in the presentation, sorry Javier: Official narrator of the Colombian National Team.” Fernández replied: “Don’t worry, nothing is happening. People know this.”

Then, former goalkeeper Faryd Mondragón joined the broadcast and joined the conversation: “This is known, this is known.”

Apparently, this message did not go unnoticed by Eduardo Luis, who minutes later wrote on account X (formerly Twitter): “Life has taught me NOT TO ACCEPT ANYTHING. Everything can change guys…we just have to be ready…I’m hugging my peopleeeeeee…”.

Caracol continues to win the ratings battle. Data from the last match between Paraguay and Colombia in Asunción showed that the channel, which traditionally broadcasts National Team matches, outperformed RCN by a ratio of 3 to 1.


Source: Exame

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