One of the current great original series on Apple TV+ would have a budget problem

Apple has invested heavily in one of Apple TV+’s most successful original content, and now its investment in sci-fi has become a drama

Apple TV+ and one of its biggest productions

It is Apple TV+’s biggest production. A gigantic giant of gigantic proportions which, like the vortex of a bottomless black hole, completely swallowed Apple’s entire economic investment. We are talking about the sci-fi series ‘Foundation’, which is the only series that can match the grand narrative of ‘Dune’.

‘Foundation’ or ‘Foundation’ premiered its second season on Apple TV+ in summer 2023. It is currently one of the most appreciated series by critics.. However, unfortunately, its production is not going through its best period.

We had already announced at the beginning of February that, faced with this economic dilemma, the ‘Foundation’ had to reduce its huge budget in order to move forward. As a direct result of this untimely whirlwind of events, filming on the third season of ‘Foundation’ has been postponed. Science fiction turned into drama.

‘Foundation’, the Apple TV+ series whose investment turns into a cold and terrible black hole

‘Foundation’ is a science fiction series inspired by Isaac Asimov’s award-winning novel of the same name.. It tells the story of a civilization that has conquered other worlds and is about to descend into chaos under the rule of the Galactic Empire. A group of exiles forms a basis to save humanity and rebuild civilization.

Going back to our topic, the 3rd season of ‘Foundation’ was postponed due to financial problems during production. Apple is said to be investing $5 million for each episode. In total, $50 million per season.


Foundation Cleons have ruled the Galactic Empire for centuries.

The production of this magnificent science fiction series was also interrupted throughout 2023 due to controversies. Strike of Hollywood actors and screenwriters.

In addition to the predictable budget cutsThe third season will be affected by this readjustments and changes It is focused on keeping up with new economic changes.

According to reports from the series’ co-creator, The Hollywood Reporter. David S. Goyer will now send scripts from Los Angeles during Bill Bost will produce On location for main filming in Prague, Czech Republic.

The subject of the new season of ‘Foundation’


There will be big changes in the new season of Foundation

David S. Goyer wanted to personally announce the upcoming plot coming together of the third season of ‘Foundation’. A network of characters new and old In this epic civilization with a history of 12,000 years.

I’m delighted that Apple has given us the opportunity to continue recording Asimov’s pioneering galactic epic. This time, the stakes are even higher for Foundation and Empire as Mule takes center stage alongside fan favorite Bayta, Toran, Ebling, and Magnifico Giganticus.

Release date of the third season of ‘Foundation’


Trantor Orbital Station, capital of the Galactic Empire

Sources familiar with the shooting of the movie ‘Foundation’ claimed that: Production would restart in the same month of 2024.

However, the players and other members who came to Prague and Poland They were sent home again for the shooting of the series.

Filming for the third season will still be in the early stages of shooting. Apple TV+ science fiction series I would only shoot a third of the season.

That is, if in principle we were expecting the premiere of the third season of the series in the summer… with delays due to economic problems. We may have to wait until fall 2024to see him as soon as possible.

Other sci-fi series on Apple TV+

Fortunately, Apple TV+’s original content catalog other great alternatives While we wait for the premiere of the third season of this amazing science fiction series.

There were rumors that ‘Silo’, one of Apple TV+’s best series, was about to be canceled due to production problems, but Finally, the shooting of the second season continued.

And now additionally Apple has recently launched ‘Constellation’. A true gem with a spectacular setting that rivals authorities in the genre like ‘The Expanse’ and delivers absolutely moving and emotional performances.

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Apple is facing its first series cancellations for the first time in its history. Something Apple TV+ subscribers won’t like. Now, We’ll have to keep waiting to see the new season of ‘Foundation’. But at least the series wasn’t cancelled.

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