‘They Are Here’ was a television program about paranormal subjects and mysteries produced by RCN Televisión and broadcast on this channel between 2016 and 2019.

The entire team, consisting of Rafa Taibo and Isabel Goyeneche, Cristian Piedrahita, Alex Torres and Ayda Luz Valencia, were responsible for uncovering paranormal events in different parts of Colombia.

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Actually, Ayda Luz Valencia continued her entertainment worldbecause in different interviews he spoke about some of the most notorious murders in Colombia: He assured that he had ‘established contact’ with Luis Andrés Colmenares and more recently with Mauricio Leal.

The production team of the entertainment program ‘I Know Everything’ broadcast on Channel 1 went to the medium’s location together with him. beauty salon of famous stylist Mauricio LealThe person who was killed in his home in the municipality of La Calera, Cundinamarca, on November 22, 2021.

‘I know everything’ In the images shared on the Instagram account, the medium and a companion are seen walking on the streets of Bogota, especially in the area where the famous hair salon is located.

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“I already feel it, moreover, I feel like I can’t walk (…) Here I spoke to them directly like him, as if he was the one telling the story (…) I don’t think he’s unforgiving, it’s like he wants the person to pay fairly.” says the psychic in his statements.

Likewise, he assured through the channel that Mauricio Leal supported Jhonier as much as he could, but it seemed that the man always wanted more from him.

“I always helped my brother a lot in one way or another, and nothing was ever enough for him. He wanted the same space as me, the same recognition as me, and I just wanted there to be a place for him,” he said. medium.

On the other hand, the entertainment program also wanted to investigate whether the medium could contact the stylist and her murdered mother.

“The energy I feel with him, if much stronger, the agony, tells me I’ve already forgiven but I can’t believe it: ‘How far have I gone to hide some things that I had to hide and didn’t want to be known?’Valencia said.

After ‘contacting’ the stylist ‘from beyond’, Followers did not think twice and criticized the reality because they asked him to rest in peace and not be overwhelmed.He tries to make ‘contact’ with the dead.

“Respect him and let him rest in peace. “Ma’am, respect the memory of someone who has died”, “This lady has always struck me as such a liar”, “They don’t know what to invent to fill the gaps”, “Let her rest, you don’t need to go around calling for the dead”, among others.


Source: Exame

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