little girl’s father Michel Dayana González Sierra, 15, asked him to go to a store near his home in Cali’s San Judas neighborhood.Buying several items for candle day celebration.

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The crowded area was full of people and noise. So the girl’s delay seemed normal at first, but Michel never returned and the family was informed that they had found part of his body in a trash bin on the afternoon of Friday, December 8th.

First results of the research They point to Harold Andrei Echeverry Orozco for the girl’s crime.

As EL TIEMPO explains, The man worked as a security guard in a workshop near little Michel’s house.

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In addition to your full ID, EL TIEMPO identified him as a retired soldier stationed in Military District No. 38. From Ibagué’s former sixth brigade.

In addition An active process is emerging in Cali’s municipal civil court number 15.

Local officials told EL TIEMPO: The person already had a history of violent sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 14 and is now being investigated to see if he or she has moved away from Ibagué. Where he is from Cali due to similar behavior.

Actually, It was not excluded that his CV would be requested from the Army to know not only his behavior but also his surroundings and possible location.

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Owners of the workshop He was working as a security guard and is currently cooperating with the investigation to find the 32-year-old’s whereabouts.

A potential family member’s contact appears on their social networks and Security cameras are being examined to determine what happened that night.

Moreover In addition to the garbage bin where part of Michel’s body was found, traces of blood found are also being analyzed.

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Eyewitnesses claim it was the last time They saw him traveling on a Discover motorcycle with license plate EQP37D.

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