Apple Watch Series 8 is coming: some models are now out of stock

This 2022 Apple is expected to present a new Apple Watch model!

By Gabriela Martínez on Apple Watch

waiting for the renewal Apple Watch Series 8, some models of the current generation are already on sale. According to information available on the Apple site in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Apple Watch Series 7 Edition is listed as “Currently Unavailable”. And according to recent leaks, this could be the last edition of this particular model.

According to recent leaks, Apple has a Apple Watch 8 ProDesigned for users who need a smartwatch made of a more durable material. As the main feature, this watch It would have a titanium case similar to the one currently offered by the Edition model. and with that, the model we’ve known so far would stop making any sense.

There are more and more possibilities for the arrival of the Apple Watch Pro

At the moment, The Apple Watch Edition is a more expensive version of the Apple Watch made of titanium.. In previous years, the Apple Watch Edition was also available in gold and ceramic. But unlike higher quality materials, it has the same equipment as traditional models.

However, this time, unlike the “Edition”, Apple Watch Pro rumors were accompanied by other details. According to analyst Mark Gurman, this new member of the watch family, besides being made of titanium, It would have a 7% larger screen that would also allow Apple to install a larger battery inside.

Thanks to these modifications, The price of the Apple Watch Pro is expected to be close to 900 euros, a similar value to the Apple Watch Edition, which currently costs 799 euros. With this in mind, It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple discontinued Edition models in favor of the new Pro model.

Following the agenda of previous years, presentation of the new Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads and some computers with the bitten apple logo will be presented in mid-September this year, during the company’s last event of the year.

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