Nowadays, the mobile phone is an indispensable tool for almost everything. Devices have a browser, social networks, camera, calls, messaging, flashlight, calculator, notepad, games, as well as endless functions that make their use continuous.


The latest Google Pixel models and some Samsung models come with a tool that uses artificial intelligence to learn the user’s habits and optimize energy consumption accordingly.

This technology ”‘Adaptive battery’, Analyzes the function the user gives to the applications and reduces the capacity of the device whenever possible, so to speak. Therefore, lower-consuming apps, such as reading apps, use less battery than usual.

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In addition, the technological section ‘El androide libre’ of the newspaper ‘El Español’, can change background activityThis ensures that the most demanding applications have a more moderate battery drain.

On Google Pixels and some Samsungs, you can activate the function by entering the ‘ command.Settings‘, Later ‘BatteryI turn on the option called ‘ and ‘Use adaptive battery‘. It is worth adding that some notifications warn that there may be delays due to the function.

This section applies to all brands of mobile phones and is about bad charging habits. You’ve probably heard of this Leaving your mobile phone connected all night negatively affects its lifespan, and this is true.

This has nothing to do with a constant flow of current or possible overheating, as new technologies prevent this from happening. The problem is Keeping the device at 100 percent all the time accelerates battery aging.

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It is worth noting that batteries always age over time and there is no way to keep them intact, but aging is especially high at high and low voltages, i.e. below 20 percent and above 80 percent. This means the problem is not regular power flow but high charge status.

Like this, We recommend that you remove your mobile phone when its charge reaches 80%, and if it is up to 100%, you should only remove it if you will be away from home for a long time. Also try connecting it when it reaches 20%.and do not let it be completely discharged before charging.


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