SpotifyOne of the world’s largest providers of music streaming services announced Tuesday that it will continue to be available in Uruguay After President Luis Lacalle signed a decree considering Pou’s copyright claims.

The Swedish multinational company planned to cease operations in Uruguay in February due to changes in Uruguayan regulations that could allow artists to charge fees for reproductions of their works. However, the regulatory decree on the dubious articles of the new Liability Code dispelled the fears. Spotify.

“The Uruguayan government has issued much-needed clarification on recent changes to music copyright law, specifically that rights holders are responsible for ensuring artists are paid fairly, rather than requiring Spotify to pay multiple times for the same content,” the company said. An idiom.

“Spotify currently pays approximately 70% of every dollar it makes from music to rights holders (record labels and publishers). This statement allows Spotify to maintain a presence in UruguayPresidential Secretary Álvaro Delgado said at a press conference that the decree “harmonises existing and previous legislation” and “makes clear that there will be no double payments by platforms.”

“The good news is that Spotify will continue its operations in Uruguay,” he said after several weeks of talks. Delgado emphasized that with the decree, the doubts created by the new legislation on other online content platforms such as Netflix have been “completely eliminated.” , Google, Amazon Prime and He said that Instagram also conveyed their concerns to the Lacalle Pou government, although they did not publicly disclose their concerns.

“We thought it was important to address the problem comprehensively,” Delgado said. The decree, which was signed on Tuesday and will come into force on January 1 together with the Liability Law.There is also a commission to encourage a dialogue between performing artists and producers from the Ministry of Industry to determine the distribution of their fees.

“It’s good to hear from all sides, everyone has something to contribute,” Delgado said. said. Spotify’s departure from Uruguay, announced by the company on December 1, caused discomfort in many segments of the population. Spotify is estimated to have approximately 850,000 users in this South American country with a population of 3.4 million.

Source: Exame

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