Welcome Third day of the Strenna NovenaIt was celebrated on 18 December. Here, the incarnation of the infant Jesus is remembered in the womb of his mother Mary, in the image and likeness of any other human being.


To start the ceremony happily and in high spirits,tutaina‘ In Rock and Roll was performed by the musical duo consisting of Juan David Valderrama and Bernardo Arroyave.

Almighty God of infinite mercy, who loved us so much and gave us the best assurance of your love in your son, thus creating man in the womb of a virgin, who will be born in a manger for our health. resort. On behalf of all mortals, I thank you immensely for such a supreme benefit.

In return I offer you the poverty, humility, and other virtues of your humanized son, and I implore you for his divine virtues, the ailments into which he was born, and the tender tears he shed in the manger. our hearts are filled with deep humility, burning love, and such contempt for everything earthly that the cradle of the newborn Jesus is in them and lives forever. Amine.Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (3 times).

This is how the Child Jesus began his incarnate life. Let us contemplate the majestic soul and Divine Body He assumed, worshiping them deeply.

First, admiring the soul of that divine Child, let us consider the fullness of his sacred knowledge, through which from the first moment of his life he saw the divine essence more clearly than all the angels and read the past and the future in all its aspects. their secrets and knowledge.

Now we move from the soul of the Child Jesus to his body, which is a world of wonders, a masterpiece from the hand of God. He wanted him to be small and weak, like all children, and subject to all the discomforts of childhood, to be more like us and share in our humiliations.

The beauty of this body of the Divine Child was greater than anything ever imagined, and the divine blood that began to course through his veins from his Incarnation was what washed away all the stains of the guilty world.

Let us ask Him to wash ours in the sacrament of penance, so that on His blessed Christmas day He may find us cleansed, forgiven, and willing to receive Himself with love and spiritual benefit.

Sovereign Mary, because of your great virtues and especially your humility, you deserved that a true God chose you to be his mother; I beg you, prepare and dispose of my soul and the soul of everyone who performs this novena at this time. the spiritual birth of your beloved son.

O sweet mother, tell me something of the deep memories and divine tenderness with which you waited for him, so that we may be less worthy to see him, to love him, and to adore him forever. Amine.(Hail Mary is prayed three times).

O Holy Joseph! Husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus. I express my endless gratitude to God, for He has chosen you for such high services and has adorned you with all the blessings provided for such perfect greatness. I implore you for your love for the Divine Child, embrace me with ardent desires to see him and to accept him mentally in a holy way, and I see him in his divine essence and enjoy him in heaven. Amine.(Prayed to the Our Father, the Virgin Mary and the Glory of Our Father).

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My sweet Jesus, my adored child
Come to our soul! Come on, don’t let it take so long!

one. Oh, great Wisdom of the sovereign God,
To reach childishly, you must consider yourself sacred!
Oh, Divine Child, come to teach us
common sense creates true wise men!

. Oh, Adonai mighty is Moses speaking,
You gave orders to people from Israel!
Oh, come quickly to save us,
and let a weak child show his arm strong!

3. Oh, the sacred root of Joseph on high
Present your fragrant hyacinth to the world!
The sweetest boy ever called
Lily of the valley, beautiful flower of the field.

4. The key of David to exile
The closed doors of the royal palace!
Take us out, oh Child, with your white hand,
From the sad prison engraved by sin!

5. Oh, light of the East, sun of endless rays,
Let’s see your glory in the darkness!
Such a precious child, a Christian’s joy,
Show the smile of your sweet lips.

. Spotless mirror, holy of holies,
without the equal image of the sovereign God!
Erase our mistakes, save the exiles
and in the guise of a child he gives shelter to the wretched!

7. King of nations, enlightened Immanuel,
I miss Israel, the Shepherd of the flock!
The child you feed with a soft wand
Now the grumpy sheep, now the docile lamb!

8. Let the heavens open and rain from above
charitable dew like holy watering!
Come, beautiful Child, come, human God!
Shine, Star God! Sprout, the flower of the field!

. Come, let Mary protect her arms.
Let your child see it soon!
Come now, Joseph, with holy longing,
preparing to realize your sacred love!

10. From weak help, from suffering protection,
The consolation of the sad, the light of the exiled!
The life of my life, my beloved owner,
my constant friend, my divine brother!

eleven. Come before my eyes, in love with you!
Kiss your plants now! Kiss your hands now!
I prostrate myself on the ground, I extend my arms to you,
And my crying tells you more than my words!

12. Come, our Savior for whom we swear
Come to our souls, don’t wait any longer!

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O sweetest Child Jesus! Remember what you said to the venerable Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament, and in her person to all your devotees, the words so consoling to our poor, overwhelmed and suffering humanity: “Ask, ask for whatever you want to want. For this there are the virtues of my childhood, and nothing will be withheld from you.” ”

O Jesus, with our trust in You, who are the same truth, we come to tell You all our sufferings. Help us to live a holy life and reach a blessed eternity.

Through the infinite merits of your incarnation and childhood, grant us the grace we so need. We dedicate ourselves to you, O almighty Child! We are sure that you will not disappoint our hope and that, thanks to your divine promise, you will accept our prayers and convey them in a positive way. Amine.Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (3 times).

We recommend the Christmas song to end the joy that has begun.three wise men‘, by Christmas Children’s Carolers.

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