Ana Luisa Camacho dead. Boyacá woman co-founded food company Bouquet, producer of the famous Chocoramo. Together with her husband, Rafael Molano Olarte, they founded the company, which remained in existence for many years.

(In context: Productos Ramo SA is a family recipe that Rafael Molano Olarte turned into an empire).

He died in Bogotá at the age of 97, after a life filled with entrepreneurship.

Born in Boyacá, Garagoa, Camacho trained as a commercial secretary. She was the Presidential secretary in the government of Mariano Ospina Pérez and was also the secretary in the Bavarian Presidency, where she met her husband, with whom she had eight children: Mauricio, Rafael Ricardo, Claudio, Rodrigo, Pilar, Germán, Juana and Juan Carlos.

Ramo was born in 1950, thanks to the recipe prepared by his mother, Mercedes Olarte. Rafael MolanoDoña Ana taught Luisa.

“My father remembered that his mother always brought him delicious cakes when she visited him, and one day it occurred to him that they could be marketed. Then he asked my grandmother to teach my mother how to make cakes,” said Mauricio Molano. His son Camacho speaks to EL TIEMPO.

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For this reason, While working at the brewery, Miss Ana Luisa prepared the cake as Molano’s dessert for lunch.

What started as a family recipe has become one of the Colombian brand’s flagship products.

Molano’s co-workers were so pleased with the cake that they started placing orders for it. The couple decided to fully dive into the cake business, which they sold door to door in their early years.

The company’s name also comes from Miss Ana Luisa.Since she used tissue paper in the shape of a flower bouquet to wrap cakes, which she basically baked in her children’s bathtub.

Due to the success of the cake, in the 1960s they moved the company from home to a factory in the San Andresito sector of Bogota and took the first steps with a mixer and oven.

They later established industrial facilities in Antioquia, Camira and other parts of Colombia.

They released the popular one in 1972. chocolateA variant of the original cake prepared by the spouses. The idea came to one of his children when he dipped the cake in chocolate.

(In context: Olimpo, the pastry chef behind the Chocoramo recipe).

From there they diversified production, building other factories and creating more than 1,000 jobs across the country.

“My mother knew how to lay the foundations of production, economy and quality that characterize Ramo products, and it was she who established the basic initial parameters of cost control in the nascent family business, while at the same time raising her eight children” and her community work, which was always effective and quiet because she never aimed to stand out ,” Mauricio Molano said during the launch of an award in honor of Ana Luisa in 2020.

Bernardo Serna Gómez, president of Productos Ramo, “Heir and keeper of the secret family recipe of Ponqué Ramo, passed down from generation to generation by the women of the family.”

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The company expressed its solidarity with his family and expressed its condolences to his children, grandchildren, friends and relatives.

“At Produtos Ramo, we will always remember him with respect and admiration and honor his memory, encouraging actions that enable us to continue to live his values, maintaining our commitment to social service, entrepreneurship and commitment to those around him, his region and the country,” they stated.

Rafael Molano, his eternal companion in the journey of creating Ramo, died in 2014.

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