The mobile phone buying and selling market is becoming increasingly competitive, but there are many branches to take advantage of. One of these is the ‘renewed’ market and Refurbi, a company committed to the idea of ​​bringing this initiative to Colombia, was born. Giving used electronic devices a second life through remanufacturing.

According to the figures provided by the company Permanent Market ResearchThe size of the refurbishment (renewal) market in Latin America is US$ 2.9 billion. When segmenting by country, It ranks fourth with a market valuation of $103 million, after Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

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IUsers interested in purchasing a remanufactured product They just need to go to the Refurbi homepage ( and search for the device that best suits their needs based on the offers on the platform. You can then buy it for up to 60 percent below the normal price on the market using this method.

But this is not the only alternative, and the company currently operates two physical locations, one in Bogotá at the Centro Mayor Mall and the other in Envigado at the Viva Envigado Mall.

On the other hand, Alliances were formed with several store chains. These are some of them:

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Soacha Ventura Terreros Mall
Titan Plaza Shopping Center – Bogota
Plaza de las Américas Mall – Bogota
Centro Mayor Shopping Mall – Bogota
Caribe Plaza Shopping Center – Cartagena


Santa Ana Mall – Bogota
Las Vegas Mall – Bogota
Hayuelos Mall – Bogota
Santafe Mall – Bogota
Megamall Bucaramanga
La 65 – Medellin

The company states that the starting point is to take a used mobile phone that is at its fullest, then carry out a strict functionality review where they determine what needs to be improved and proceed to replace worn or faulty parts.. Finally, a detailed test is created, thoroughly cleaned and delivered in environmentally friendly packaging.

“Refurbi documents this process, supports it with a warranty of up to 14 months, and the end user can own a mobile phone. Certified Refurbished, This reduces its environmental impact and benefits the planet,” says the company.

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Moreover, It is important to remember that these are refurbished mobile phones and they differ from used ones.

For example, a refurbished device does not pass from hand to hand; therefore, expert technicians have selected it, examined it in detail, tested its battery, repaired any faults, cleaned it carefully and returned it to its former state. , is left without an account and is free to use with any operator. Refurbi explains that after this process, the renewed mobile phone is almost like new, but provides more benefits than the new one.

By the numbers, when using a refurbished mobile phone Carbon emissions are reduced by 92% and the pollution of more than 76,000 liters of water can be prevented. and electronic waste production was reduced by 88%.

On the page you can see the following devices with low prices:

– Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Renewed for $ 1,399,900
– Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro starting at $2,899,900
– iPhone 11 starting from $1,147,900
– Sales price of iPhone 8 starts from $455,900

Source: Exame

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