Counterfeit invoices are a serious problem for society. Receiving a fake invoice without realizing it means loss of work and time, or rather, it means being defrauded.


One of the most common methods is to hold the banknote up to the light and see the holograms in the print. Another technique is to wet it with drops of water to see if the ink runs. Also Republic Bank’s recommendation Use a magnifying glass to verify microtexts, observe the colors of the banknote at rest and while flipping, and feel the high reliefs of the print.

But there is another way that many Colombians do not know about; and that is mobile phone use.

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App developers from around the world developed Tools that help verify the authenticity of banknotes around the world with the help of technology. Here we present you some of the applications available for iOS and Android.

This is definitely the most famous money verification app in the market. Only works with mobile phone cameraand is capable of returning results in less than 10 seconds. There are many currencies in the database, including the Colombian peso.

The application was designed especially for the visually impaired.For those who find it more difficult to verify their invoice, read the value out loud.

They are grouped because Fake is exclusive to iOS and MTC for Android. Both work with cameras and detect whether the invoice is fake or real with a simple scan. However, it should also be noted that Counterfeiting is not free.

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Similar to other applications, NoteSnap works with the mobile phone camera to verify the accuracy of the bill by analyzing its value, currency and serial number. Moreover, adds some fun by allowing users to save a digital collection of scanned invoices.

It also has a function that detects rare banknotes, such as single-digit notes repeated many times in the serial number, and gives the approximate value that collectors would pay. However, this option is not available for all currencies.

It should be noted that the applications do not have the ability to touch the invoice, so We recommend that you do not rely solely on the programs’ decisions.but use them as a basis and verify yourself as well.


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