A research conducted by cyber security company Fortinet in the first half of 2023, Colombia has been the target of more than 5 billion cyber attack attempts It ranks fourth at the regional level in the first half of 2023.

It is now known that WhatsApp is one of the favorite applications in the increasing prevalence of these scams.

But there is a pattern in the numbers from which these new types of theft are generated, and so here we present you the types of numbers that cybercriminals use to commit crimes.

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Many users report receiving calls and messages with suspicious indicators, for example: +62 belongs to Guinea, +32 belongs to Belgium and +852 belongs to Indonesia.

Although these indicators are presented, the contact’s intention is usually to commit a scam or create Spam. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful when receiving such messages, especially when they start asking for bank information or asking for money.

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Another suggestion is to delete the person and block this number to prevent them from contacting each other again.

Source: Exame

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