A new incident of insecurity was recorded in Bogotá this holiday Monday. In this case the victim was a famous actor Juan Pablo Rabathis was at the Macondo awards on Sunday night.

I was just attacked. If you receive any communication from me other than this, it is not me.” reads the X account of the artist known for his characters ‘Distrito Salvaje’ and ‘Mi Gorda Bella’.

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While Juan Pablo Raba was walking with his children, he was caught by five criminals who beat him and took his belongings.

I was attacked. We were walking in the mountains with my children. Five people attacked us. They took my phone, my watch, my wedding rings.“Raba said on her Instagram account.

And he added: “Luckily we’re okay… If you get a message or something weird or a request from me, just know it’s not me. Well, take care there.“.

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After hearing the news of the robbery of her husband Juan Pablo Raba Mónica Fonseca gave some details about what happened to her and the situation of her children, who were of course scared..

Mónica Fonseca said of him, “He was beaten. I mean, they punched him, etc. The kids were scared, but they’re fine. They tried to catch Jojo. There JP (Juan Pablo) had to punch him. Terrible.” he wrote. X account.

The model and presenter was also saddened by what happened to her husband and children: “A normal walk into the mountains turns into this terrible situation. A father ended his message on the social network by saying, “5 teenagers against an 11-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl.”


Source: Exame

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