In June 2013, Google officially acquired the Waze mobility platform, and the success of this app has continued to grow over the years. Proof of this is that, according to the company, more than 150 million people use the app every month.

One of its strongest points concerns customization alternatives, and unlike Google Maps, Waze includes a variety of alternatives through which people can tailor the platform to their needs and tastes.

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For example, there are various options to change the voice giving the instructions, but it also allows you to record these commands to make them much more personal and, if you wish, Users can record their own voice and schedule notifications.

– Open the application, waze.
– Press Settings.
– Press sound and sound.
– Press Waze Voice.
– Press Add sound.
– Press OK.
– Press the phrase you want to save.
– Press to start and stop recording.
– Press to play the recording.
– Press Castle.
– Press Ready in the upper right corner.
– Enter a name for your voice.
– Press Add.

Source: Exame

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