Apple Inc. running a revolutionary project From the Steve Jobs era: continuous, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. The purpose of this secret project, called E5, is to measure the amount of glucose in a person’s body without piercing the skin to draw blood.

Having recently achieved significant milestones, the company believes it can eventually commercialize its glucose monitoring system. according to people familiar with the project.

If perfected, this breakthrough will benefit diabetics and help solidify Apple as a healthcare hub. Add monitoring system AppleWatch, The ultimate goal will also make this device an essential item for millions of diabetics worldwide.

We still have years of work ahead, but the move could turn a multi-billion dollar industry upside down. About one in 10 Americans has diabetes andThey usually rely on a device that pierces the skin to take a blood sample.

Dexcom Inc. and there are also patches from Abbott Laboratories that are placed on the skin but need to be changed every two weeks.

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Apple takes a different approach, using a chip technology known as silicon photonics and a measurement process called optical absorption spectroscopy.

The system uses lasers to deliver light of specific wavelengths to an area under the skin where the interstitial fluid is located.l (substances escaping from capillaries) can be absorbed by glucose.

Light is then reflected from the sensor to show the glucose concentration. Later, an algorithm determines blood sugar level of a person. Hundreds of engineers are working on the project under Apple’s Exploratory Design Group (XDG), a previously unreported venture similar to X, Alphabet Inc.’s moonshot division.

Source: Exame

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