In couple relationships An infinite number of events can occur that contribute to or damage the bond.. It depends on the commitment and emotional responsibility of each party to try to understand and discuss what bothers them and what makes them happy in marriage or dating, in order to create effective communication between them.

But it is not easy to understand how they develop, so we need to learn from psychology. There are experts who attempt to delve deeper into the complex connection of romantic attachments. of people and their families.

For this, psychology professor Ronald Rogge from the University of Rochester and his working group, They created a digital app to help enhance moments of togetherness between couples.

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“Agapé creates moments of connection by providing couples with daily prompts and then showing each other each other’s answers when they both respond,” says a pilot study on the app published in the ‘Journal of Family Psychology’.

One day with a curious question, Users can engage in a conversation or topic related to their bond, enhancing the moments spent together. because they need to answer and then compare their answers.

For example, “What did your partner do last week that made you laugh?” Describe a time when you were grateful for your partner’s presence, or if your partner had a theme song that played around you throughout the day, “Would it sound like this?” Questions such as “why and why?” are among the questions that arouse curiosity and interaction between the parties.

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Epidemiologist and neuroscientist Khadesha Okwudili and a psychologist from the same institution of higher learning developed the practice of relational well-being after wondering why couples often did not ask each other questions that fostered a meaningful conversation. to “raise awareness” and encourage “moments of connection.”

“Our primary goal was to create an app that couples would enjoy using and that would naturally grow in popularity and therefore organically expand its reach,” Rogge says in a university press release.

According to the results of the pilot study ‘Connection at your fingertips: A first look at the contribution of Agapé practice to healthy relationships’, the application method was beneficial in the majority of cases.

Researchers analyzed 405 couples aged 20 to 30, The majority who had been in a relationship for an average of 4.6 years, 31%, claimed to be reasonably satisfied with their relationship, although the remainder were approximately dissatisfied.


This helped them identify that mobile platforms were targeting this specific audience.If this is used recursively, there is a consequence within the relationships, to have a positive impact on the bond as recommended.

“We found that regular app use was really important. “Couples who completed more daily instructions made more progress in their relationship,” said the app’s co-founder and professor.

How are you There are other relationship-oriented apps for organizing and dividing household chores.and platforms that can help them with more specific issues, such as intimacy.

Finally, it is worth remembering that if the aim is to repair relationships, the ideal thing is to consult a psychologist who is an expert on relationships and can give advice in case of any problems between the parties.


Source: Exame

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