Rodolfo HernandezThe presidential candidate of the Union of Anti-Corruption Leaders referred to the decision of the Bogotá High Court – this Thursday afternoon – so that He and Gustavo Petro hold a presidential debate 48 hours before the runoff.

(In context: the novel of the argument that Justice arranges between Petro and Rodolfo)

“The other candidate said to my invitation to him, ‘I don’t put any conditions for this discussion. No. I’m putting all the details of the discussion into the hands of the RTVC public media system. I’ll see you in Bucaramanga, of course,'” Hernández concluded.

And I add: “The previous response, signed by the candidate, concluded that he was not strictly willing to comply with the office.Because he stated that he did not put any conditions and showed that he preferred to ignore the final jurisdiction and turn it into a public statement contrary to the decision,” he said.

Hernández reassured that by confirming that Petro “has placed such a sensitive matter in the hands of a third party – which must be resolved with strict adherence to that decision – he has shown his unwillingness to comply with this provision in the manner prescribed by the Convention Office.”

The former mayor of Bucaramanga assured him that the Historical Pact leader’s response made him understand that “there is nothing more to talk about and that he has not appointed anyone as spokesperson for these purposes”.

Also, the presidential candidate stated that he understood the phrase “see you in Bucaramanga” as a response that “eliminates the possibility of pursuing jurisdiction” that ended at 6 pm on Thursday, June 16.

This vague affirmation, with no date, time, place, or other marking, was the slam of the door, closing the possibility of furthering the discussion.said Hernandez.

In response, Gustavo Petro said: “I can only be President and say that judges cannot be set up. Without judges, there will be only dictatorship and violence. We will uphold and defend justice.”

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In this way, they indicated from the Hernández campaign that it was not possible to conduct the debate ordered by the Bogotá High Court.

They pointed out from the campaign that “Rodolfo Hernández meticulously complied with the decision, even if he did not agree, because he is someone who abides and respects the judges’ decisions. It is a fact that the other candidate clearly did not comply either.” .


Source: Exame

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