Marcela Gomez, president AmericaColombian club announced that they have given up on signing the Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal.

Despite all the efforts of the institution and sponsors, we are giving up on continuing his signature as an agreement could not be reached with Arturo Vidal. We have now decided to focus our efforts on our technical plan A: Ricardo Gareca, Who did we start talking to,” Gómez said.
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In that case, Tulio Gomez, America’s largest shareholder confirmed TIME figures considered.

Cerveza Aguila and Burguer King are companies that have already sponsored the club’s recruitment.
To Vidal.

“There’s already $600,000 between the two of us. “We are looking for another sponsor who can give us 250 million pesos a month,” he assured.

As a result, it is sponsored for 3,000 million pesos (about $760,000 more).

“We can’t go crazy. We have to be sensible and know how far the blanket will extend. “The operation costs approximately 2 million dollars, including all the details, a house, armored vehicle and guards,” he said.

Nothing happened. América dismissed Lucas González, the reasons are not yet known, but the manager left.

“América de Cali informs its fans, the media and the general public that coach Lucas González will not continue to lead the professional team,” reads the text shared by the red team.

The official message states that González’s coaching staff will not continue the ‘mechita’ either.

“We thank our professor and the coaching staff. Alexis Henríquez, Tiago Pina and Carlos Tabares “We show their professionalism and wish them success in their future projects.”

But Vidal’s novel is not finished. There are many clubs behind him or better yet, making an offer for him.

One of them colo coloThat won’t happen anymore when the team he loves and his arrival are taken for granted.

Matias Camacho He is the president of the Colo Colo team and has talked about the possible transfer of Vidal, but did not leave aside talking about the option that América has.

“There were already approaches towards Vidal long before the American offer. It was very interesting because when we saw the whole revolution in social networks for Arturo Vidal in Colombia,” he said.

And he added: “We asked Vidal if he had made an agreement with America before, he said that he never answered us and that he was not aware of those promotions and advertisements for hamburgers and beer, it was a very funny thing.”

Vidal does not currently have a team. It was also offered Paraguay Olympia already Argentinian Boca Juniors, However, it is not yet known what its future will be.

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Source: Exame

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