The severe earthquake that occurred at 6.26 am on Friday, January 19, 2024, frightened citizens in many cities of Colombia. Geological Service of Colombia (SGC).

According to the organization, the movement had a magnitude of 5.6 and a shallow depth. The epicenter was Ansermanuevo in Valle del Cauca.

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Citizens stated through social networks that the earthquake was felt in the southwestern part of the country. very strongThis caused concern.

In Cali, Pereira and Armenia, citizens reported that the tremors frightened them. There are also reports of an earthquake in Medellín.

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So far, authorities have reported no damage to infrastructure or injuries due to the severe earthquake.

However, a screening is performed by risk management to determine if there is any impact due to concussion.

this is possible Several copies will be ready in the next few minutes.

We are providing you with all the information about the Colombia earthquake minute by minute.


Source: Exame

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